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Kapu Fishing

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Come fishing with Mr. Fox and catch the biggest whoppers in the lake! Catch surprising fish and other sea creatures, cruise with your motorboat, build lures, tickle and feed the fox friend and much more! Kapu Fishing is perfect for children 2-5+ years old.FISHING IS EASYFishing is easy but as you get more familiar with the rod, the game will also offer challenges and joy of success. Game mechanic relies on easy controls and fluid action. The game doesn't penalize the mistakes and it always encouraged to try one more round. With cartoonish laid-back physics and crazy, generated fish, every game feel fresh and always a little bit different.
EXPLORE THE LAKEMotorboat around the lake to find the best fishing spots! Cruise beautiful lake scenery with islands, summer cottages, light houses, seagulls and so on.
BUILD YOUR OWN LURESLure Building mechanism adds a creative aspect to the game. You can customize your own bait by dragging & dropping different hooks, eyes and decoration to the lure, as well as painting it with vivid colors! These customized baits can be used for fishing, attracting different fish, depending on which colors and decorations are in it.
OTHER GAME HIGHLIGHTS - Lovable Kapu characters & original artwork- Exclusively composed music played with real instruments- No in-app sales or third party advertising- No time limits, no rules, always fun
ABOUT KAPU TOYS:Kapu Toys is the digital toy box filled with smiles! We believe in fun play and clever apps that spark the imagination, inspire families to play together and let kids learn along the way! We create digital toys for the tiny ones.
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